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Rui Pires is Portuguese and born in 1968. The passion for photography began in 1983 as an amateur photographer. It is considered a photographer with a classical and humanist style, and is dedicated primarily to documentary photography, cultural anthropology and historical research. In 2006 Rui Pires began a project that aims document the life in Portuguese rural villages undergoing desertification, the Rural Moments project.  At 2009 Rui Pires began the Lands of Allah documentary, a research about the life of the nomad tribes and Berbers-Touareg people in north of Africa and Sahara desert. Rui Pires have many photographs and essays published in www, magazines and newspapers and some of his documentaries and photos are in permanent exhibition in museums, and private collections. He have also won many prizes, grants and awards in exhibitions and photography competitions. Rui Pires tries to achieve a humanistic and positive approach to documentary photography and always try to dignify the people he portrays. 

Graduate in Professional Photography by New York Institute of Photography

Degree in Image Analysis and Evaluation by Photographic Society of America

Degree in Advanced Photography by Photographic Society of America

PSA Education Services Instructor for Portrait and Advanced Documentary

Former curator at Onexposure web, Sweden (1x.com)


“Your entry competed with an overall number of 2100 pictures and was exhibited in the European Parliament in December 2009.”

(Pedro Ortun -Enterprise and Industry Directorate General, European Commission)

People often talk about the timeless quality of B&W; however, it isn’t often that we see the timelessness of B&W brought so vividly to life.Rui Pires has done precisely that. Rui Pires is a photographer from Portugal, whose Rural Moments project just left us speechless.”

(Eric Rudolph, American Cinematographer and extensive writer for the major photography magazines (Popular Photography, PDN, others), and was East Coast Contributing Editor)

“Rui, I had a chance to look at your work from Portugal and was impressed with your images.Great use of black and white film in a time when digital is so prevalent. Best of luck with all your endeavors!”

(Steve Mccurry, 19/12/2009)

“ The Photographic Message of Love and Peace to Baghdad by Rui Pires was a gift from this Portuguese photographer to the Iraqi people”

(Dr. Saadoun al-Dolaimi, Minister of Culture of Iraq)

“I want to thank you for this important event where Portugal will be represented”

(Francisco José Viegas, Portuguese Secretary of State of Culture, related Iraq Culture Ministry exhibition, 25/11/2011 )


15/08/2009: Museu do Douro, Peso da Regua, Portugal

01/12/2009: European Parliament, Bruxels

04/06/2011: Festival Europeu de Fotografia, AFI – Archivo Fotografico Italiano. Milan

10/09/2011: “Gammelgaard Monochrome 2011”, Gammelgaard, Denmark

25/09/2011: NGO Larsa Humanrights Exhibition, Bagdad, Iraq

25/10/2011 : Royal Photographic Society, “2011 International Photography” Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

20/11/2011: Ministry of Culture of Iraq exhibition

05/02/2012 : Milano/ Affordable Art Fair/Epson Digigraphie - Sala espositiva Sheraton Milan -Malpensa Terminal 1 -Airport Hotel & Conference Centre

03/03/2012 : Viewpoint Gallery, Sacramento, USA.Collective exhibition 1X Curators.

05/03/2012 : II International Photography Festival – IRAQ

14/05/2012 : The Creative Hinckley Gallery, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK

16/07/2012 : “Love letter from Portugal to Iraq” – Akkad Gallery – Baghdad

16/08/2013 : “Rural Moments” solo exhibition, Casa Museu de Monção - Universidade do Minho

15-10-2014 : “Rural Moments” in exhibition at Viseu Municipality

10-11-2014 : Exhibition of 2 photographs at Lamego Museum, Portugal

20-08-2015 : Exhibition at Museu de Ovar, Portugal

28-09-2015 : Exhibition of “Rural Moments” in Aveiro University, Portugal

15-10-2015 : Exhibition at Viseu, Portugal

2016 and 2017 :

Exhibition at El Jadida - Old Portuguese Fort

Exhibition at Essaouira

Exhibition at Ksar el Kbir

Exhibition at Marrakech - Palais Bahia

Exhibition at Rabat - Ville des Artes

In cooperation with Portuguese Embassy at Morocco and Camões Institute

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